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25 June 2009 @ 10:42 pm
[album] taylor swift - fearless  
I don't listen to country pop very much, but who can resist TAYLOR SWIFT. When everybody else was raving about white horses, I like the cliche-ish love song, cheesy lyrics and poppy melody, but as I said, TAYLOR SWIFT did a perfect combination on that. She makes me feel like a teenager girl who wants love again.

Taylor Swift - Fearless

Released: 2008, November 11
Genre: Country Pop
Language: English

01 Fearless
02 Fifteen
03 Love Story
04 Hey Stephan
05 White Horse
06 You Belong With Me
07 Breathe
08 Tell Me Why
09 You're Not Sorry
10 The Way I Love You
11 Forever And Always
12 The Best Day
13 Change

if you take you say thank you (: